Every single one of us at Más Que Vinos works all year round in order to produce wine that is in harmony with the environment. As winemakers we have a responsibility to treat the ground that gifts us with grapes of the highest quality with respect, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Sustainable wine-making is not only about the grapes but also about the vineyard, the winery, the surrounding habitat and ecosystem and giving back to our employees and the community. Our endeavor is to pursue sustainability from cork to compost.

All work in the vineyard and harvesting is done manually. By this, we intervene as little as possible in the ecosystem and provide jobs for the people in our community.

All vineyards are farmed organically, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Because we are also abstaining from the use of animal products during the winemaking process, all our wines are vegan. In order to protect the environment, we are trying to reduce our emissions, reuse as much material as we can and recycle all by-products.

Our indigenous grape varieties (mostly old bush vines) receive the nutrition and water that they need from the ground. They are well adapted to the extreme climate in our region which is why they need a significantly smaller amount of water than non indigenous varieties. This is why we generally do not need to irrigate our vineyards.

In a region where rainfall is very rare, we try to use as little fresh water as possible.

For this we collect rain water and use it to clean the floors in our winery and water our garden and olive trees.We try to give back to the vineyards as much as we can by using winemaking by-products, as vine and tree pruning back to the soils as compost.

The lees that remain after fermentation and the aging our wines are taken to distilleries; we do the same with the pomace that remains after pressing the grapes. 

Our winery operates exclusively with renewable energy.

Glass, aluminum and cardboard boxes are all being recycled at our winery.

Our wines and olive oil are the results that reflect our love for the local agricultural tradition. They are also the product of every single one of us trying to treat this region with the greatest possible respect and caution.

We are trying to keep our land healthy and our community strong for generations to come.


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